Digital Menu Board

Easy, Advanced & Dynamic
Digital Menu board solutions

Scale up your promotion to aware your audience through a digital signage system. Manage your restaurant menu items behind the scene and present mouth-watering food images, happy hours deals and ongoing event at the big screen. 

Eye-Catching Digital Menu Board

You’ll get the latest digital restaurant menu design that captures the eye of your customers. Simply describe the names, ingredients, prices and pictures of your delicious foods and post it on your TV.

What is digital menu board?

When paper menus are displayed in a digital format on TV screens across your cafe, restaurant or dining area, it is termed as a digital menu board. Digital menu boards can be used for several purposes like playing videos on your restaurant, showcasing promotional offers or highlighting best items in your menu.

What are the benefits of digital menu boards?

Digital menu boards are an economical replacement to the paper menus. Besides, they are easy to update and tend to grab more attention. Eye-pleasing content can be displayed and can be spontaneoulsy changed. Promotions can be easily bought to notice with digital menu boards. Errors can be easily rectified too.

What are the hardware requirements for digital menu boards?

Digital menu boards can work on any TV screen. On some non-smart TVs a Media Player may be required.

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